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Are you a closet eater? ›

Are you an in the closet - eater?

Well, do any of the following statements describe you?

- You prefer to eat in private, where no one else can see you.

- You eat healthy in front of others but then eat naughty things in private.

- You follow a healthy diet during the day, but do bad things to your body when the lights go down.

- You sneak delicious things secretly away and devour them away from others.

So, if you said yes to any of the above statements, we may well have a problem. You very much might be gay. Hmm, this "secret eating life" of yours could well be sabotaging any fitness goals too.

I would like to help you to get out of the (eating) closet.

Before we dive into this serious topic, it's important to look at yourself from a place of love and respect. Regardless of your sexual preference, lets keep this simple and focus on what you are putting into your mouth - in relation to food.

I suggest you use the following 4 steps to help manage your closet eating:

Step #1: Learn Your Triggers

Take note about...


It's all about the guns ›

If you are old fashioned.


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