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Are you a closet eater?

Are you an in the closet - eater?

Well, do any of the following statements describe you?

- You prefer to eat in private, where no one else can see you.

- You eat healthy in front of others but then eat naughty things in private.

- You follow a healthy diet during the day, but do bad things to your body when the lights go down.

- You sneak delicious things secretly away and devour them away from others.

So, if you said yes to any of the above statements, we may well have a problem. You very much might be gay. Hmm, this "secret eating life" of yours could well be sabotaging any fitness goals too.

I would like to help you to get out of the (eating) closet.

Before we dive into this serious topic, it's important to look at yourself from a place of love and respect. Regardless of your sexual preference, lets keep this simple and focus on what you are putting into your mouth - in relation to food.

I suggest you use the following 4 steps to help manage your closet eating:

Step #1: Learn Your Triggers

Take note about your feelings before, during and after an episode of closet eating. What caused you to closet eat? Was it stress, depression, boredom?

Step #2: Become Aware Of Your Calorie Intake

Do you seriously believe that because no one sees you eat food, it doesn't count? When we don't really know how many calories we are consuming, it's way too easy to blow out. Obtaining a simple total of your daily calorie intake is very easy thing to do.

Check out ‘My Fitness Pal’ for or another online/smartphone calorie counter to get a handle on what you really get up when you mis behave.

Step #3: Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby

It's all about convenience. So when your not near your dark closet and you have the urge to do something naughty, having healthy snacks at arms reach is sensible. This is one way to ensure you behave yourself when you feel the naughties.

Snacking often to keep you from feeling hungry to avoid miss behaving is a great habit to get into.

Step #5: Exercise At Least Twice A Week

How can exercising keep you out of the closet? Well there are several reasons. When you are actively working towards a goal and are supported, you'll be less likely to misbehave and your focus can shift from a dark closet sized lifestyle to a bright light filled skys the limit one. Not to mention a shift of endorphins, often referred to as happy emotions that can help you feel better and more energised.

So don't be a closet eater all your life. Get out of the closet for spring and in time for summer. Contact me if you require any support on this at