Kate ›

After having my first baby my body shape changed considerably.

I wanted to get back in shape and increase my fitness levels so I could keep up with my little boy. I roped my Dad into doing weekly training sessions with me.

We have now been training for approximately 6 months and I am so pleased with the outcomes.

I'm back to my pre-baby weight but the benefits have been so much more significant than that. I now have much more information about making healthier food choices and this impacts not just what I eat but how I prepare food for my family.

I really look...


Mary and Russell ›

We were looking for the right place to support the change we were looking for in ourselves. Personalised attention, a program tailor designed to our needs, lifestyle and schedule, along with an environment that would encourage our best.

MetroBody was the right place.

Mary & Russ


Derek ›

The difference with MetroBody is that your sessions are constantly adjusted with each visit while aligned to reach your personal goals. Chris is great, he really encourages you and even makes you laugh when you would normally be hurting. Thanks!

Derek Craig


Martin ›

December 2008 I had my second knee operation which was an ACL knee reconstruction. Rehab was slow and my motivation and drive died away. I put on a lot of weight and the muscles around my knee being my quads and hamstrings were wasting away from being on crutches. I decided to see Chris & the team to change things around. They changed my mind set, helped me get motivated and made me believe in myself. I was assisted also on what to eat and what not to eat. They even came to my house and cleaned out my fridge and pantry!! With his assistance my quads and hamstrings have built up at a...


Samantha ›

I’ve seen fantastic results in the four months I’ve been seeing Chris, and now can’t imagine life without my regular training sessions! I highly recommend MetroBody and Chris.

Samantha L


Stephen ›

I was recently a client of Chris at Metrobody Health and Fitness, as a newcomer to the whole training scene, I was anxious about having to train in front of others but the personal space and approach of Chris made me at ease after the first session. Chris was open to listening to me the way other trainers had not been, he was proactive in asking what style of training would suit me, and what my personal motivators were. His professional approach and friendly nature makes training both enjoyable and rewarding.

Stephen J


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