December 2008 I had my second knee operation which was an ACL knee reconstruction. Rehab was slow and my motivation and drive died away. I put on a lot of weight and the muscles around my knee being my quads and hamstrings were wasting away from being on crutches. I decided to see Chris & the team to change things around. They changed my mind set, helped me get motivated and made me believe in myself. I was assisted also on what to eat and what not to eat. They even came to my house and cleaned out my fridge and pantry!! With his assistance my quads and hamstrings have built up at a crucial time when it was imperative to do so other wise I would have had problems with my knee all my life. I saw my physio the other day and he was extremely pleased with the progress and told me that I have a good, strong solid knee now and there is nothing I can’t do anymore. Thanks Chris for all your help and making me believe in myself again and helping build up my knee so I can live a normal life again without any restrictions. Chris goes out of his way to help, always happy to answer questions and really knows his stuff. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone especially with injuries he can really help

Martin P