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MetroBody Fitness is not a gym and that’s how we like it. Offering a people-driven approach to personal training, our skilled team of fitness professionals develop tailored programs aimed at helping individuals achieve optimal health and vitality through very small groups.

In a safe, comfortable and private studio environment, we provide clients with an effective workout plan that results in measurable change. Whether you’re looking to compliment your current fitness regime with specialised training, or seeking assistance with rehabilitation or weight loss, MetroBody Fitness personal training provides you with the skills you need to make long term positive lifestyle changes.

Prior to any personal training program, all clients are fully assessed in an initial consultation in order to determine the kind of exercise and nutrition that will best maximise their results. In this free health assessment, we discover your unique body blueprint and how it responds to different exercises and movements. In addition, we create a metabolism-specific nutrition plan to fuel and improve your strength and stamina, and implement a synergetic training program that is unique to your individual health and fitness needs.

Our personal training programs incorporate a range of natural and assisted fitness techniques that include:



A kettlebell workout will help you lose weight, build muscle enhance sport performance, maintain fitness level and improve stamina and strength.

Functional Training

Functional Training

By recruiting and integrating a wide range of muscle groups, including the core and stabilizing muscles, you can benefit from increased strength and general health. This is often complimented with isometric training, which provides similar strength improvements with minimal muscle growth.

Suspension Training

Suspension Training

This is a system that utilises your own body weight, leveraging your own bodyweight and gravity to develop strength, balance and flexibility. Often used in conjunction with equipment like the BOSU Ball for strengthening the core and aiding in rehabilitation.


Resistance Training

Popular with bodybuilders, resistance training is a form of strength training in which each effort is performed against a specific opposing force. This form of exercise is used to build strength and develop the size of skeletal muscles.

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