Metro PT Semi-Private

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Metro PT Semi-Private

Metro PT Semi-Private is a flexible and personalised group workout program that gives you access to a dedicated personal trainer multiple times per week.

Depending on your health and fitness goals, Metro PT Semi-Private serves as a cost effective alternative to traditional one-on-one personal training and is designed specifically for clients seeking a supervised and effective workout program in an encouraging and motivational environment.

This format enables you to focus on your personal and specific goals, whilst training with like-minded clients under the constant supervision of a qualified MetroBody trainer. With flexible times available, each 45-minute session maximises your workout and minimises your spend.

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Semi Private

No matter how big or small your health and fitness goals are, MetroPT:Semi-Private provides a challenging and rewarding experience for its clients. As part of the personalised program, your initial health and fitness review allows your dedicated trainer to benchmark your success and evolves your program in order to meet your targets and fitness requirements. We recommend a minimum of 2 visits per week so we can guarantee a leaner, stronger and fitter you!



Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, our MetroBody Fitness Boxing classes provide an engaging and effective cardiovascular and muscle workout in a fun and tailored environment. Proven to help build and tone muscle stature, our Boxing classes help improve mental strength, willpower and endurance, while providing a high caloric burn!

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